When you set aside just a few minutes a day to play these positive and motivational training games, you'll develop a dog that loves you and loves to behave. Enroll in this this 8-Week puppy training system that is fun, easy, effective, convenient and affordable to "create the dog you deserve". Get lessons via computer, tablet and smart phone; train at your place and at your pace.


I’ve been all over the country…. This is the best puppy training program I have ever seen”,

Ron. S., Professional Pet Dog Trainer about our training program



Puppy School Online Sample Video: Creating The Fast Puppy Recall

This short video shows 4 separate lessons from Puppy School Online elements and exercises to create a fast and reliable recall starting with a very young puppy even if  you've only had the puppy for a couple of days.  This type of training sets the foundation for a fast and reliable recall for the dog's entire life. 

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