Note: These are not actors (except for the Border Collie) and were paid only hot dogs and cheese for these heartfelt testimonials.

“Absolutely Awesome”

"My dad and uncle learned so much at training, it's incredible. They had so much fun they didn't miss one class and I hear I'm a star! I'm so good now that people think I'm a Golden Retriever! LOL! If this it training, give me more!! I'm texting all my friends about what a great time I have training my dad and uncle!" ---- Appa, Siberian Husky

“I Might Be Busy But I’m Very Good”

"I wasn't sure what I was signing up for but after the second lesson I knew I was in for a really good time. My mom really knows what I like!! My mom thinks we're training but we are really just playing some great games and OMG - it's so easy!! Now I can sit, down, stay and run super fast when my mom calls me....And why not....It's worth it!"----Oliver, Australian Shepherd

“It Was Very Impressive”

"At first my dad and mom didn't know much about training. But they kept up with the lessons, did their best and look at them now!! I am so proud of them I am bursting at the seams! Plus...I can sit, down, stay, come (fast), and walk nicely with them.... And I love it all! I can't wait to do more training as mom and dad are getting better and better all the time"----Kilo, Great Dane

“I Knew It Already”

"It is my job to be faster than fast, smarter than smart and brighter than bright. I was fast, but now I'm faster. I was smart but now I'm smarter. I was bright but now I'm brilliant. When I can get all those geese, sheep and people to go where I want them to go the world is wonderfully in order. Always something to do! Even though everything is slower than I like, I do love the training. And even though I knew it already, my mom sure learned a lot!"---- Billie, Border Collie