Want To Have A Great Dog? Get This 8-Week Positive, Affordable & Fun Training Plan

With more than 30 years of training, we've found that when you take literally just a few minutes a day and play our training games with your puppy, you get a motivated, engaged obedient dog that wants to be good. You'll get a written lesson plan, weekly emails with stop action photos and access to videos to show clearly how each exercise should look.

You'll get the lessons at your convenience via computer, tablet or smart phone so you can train anywhere and at anytime. You can stop, review and repeat the exercises as much and as many times as desired. There is so much information and you have so much control, it is better than actually going to most classes. And personal help is always available.

How It Works Video

You Get a Proven, Written Lesson Plan

This lesson plans was developed over the last 20 years with thousands of puppies. It includes detailed explanations of the exercises, a lot about canine psychology, lots of information about things like digging, biting, jumping, barking, destructive chewing and more. It includes other references that you may find helpful and interesting. It's all there. But since many people aren't into reading so much, you also get emails and videos.

You Get Regular E-Mails With Detailed Notes and Pics

These great emails add color and photos to the lesson plans along with more details about how and why things work. Our students have told us that the E-Mails help tremendously - you can look at the stop action photos, practice, look again and carry on. Plus the regular communication is an incentive to keep up, even though it only takes a few minutes a day.

You Get Great Videos of Elements and Exercises

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.... Then a video is worth even more. The lesson plan is great; the E-Mails are terrific, but there's nothing like seeing it happen. This is like having a front row seat in a puppy training class. You can stop, freeze, rewind and replay the videos as you want and need. The videos explain clearly what, why and how to do each exercise.

You Can Get Personal Help Via Phone, E-Mail or Skype

OK. Not all dogs are angels and sometimes you may need help on an individual level. Our professional trainers can help via phone, e-mail or Skype to solve your problems and answer specific questions. The rates for this personal service are very reasonable and there are purchase options with discounts for more personal time if needed. Your success matters.

You Get A Certificate of Completion

Post To the Community Page; Share With Others

Access to Training Equipment, Toys and Tools

Most Important: You Get a Dog That is a Joy for Life