Sit, Down, Stay, Come (fast), Walk Nicely…. All With Enthusiasm

The goal of this puppy training plan is to help you create a dog that becomes an incredibly well-behaved family pet and to lay the foundation should you want to go on to competition and more training. All these things will happen because of the training games and exercises in the following lessons. Do a piece at a time and lay the foundation to have an incredible, loyal and obedient friend for a lifetime. You'll build trust and better behavior at the same time. That's the ticket!

Lesson 1 Topics – You Got A Puppy…. Now What??

Introduction, Concepts, Praise, Release, Calming Exercise, Num-Num Charging, Sit Happens - The Tuck Sit, Admonishment, Notes about Training; Mouthing, Biting, Jumping, Destruction and Chewing

Enter Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Topics – Interaction, Excitement and Motivation

Concepts, Interactive Motivators - You, Food, Toys; The Cookie Toss Game Step 1, Daddy...Mommy... Don't Leave Me... Here I Come!; Attention, Tag and Treat Game, Hide the Toy Enthusiasm Game, Pssssst.... Wanna Work??

Enter Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Topics – Interaction With Control

Review Week 2; Concepts; Socialization and Playtime; Sit/Wait & The Puppy Pop; Cookie Toss Step 2 - Sometimes Add Sit and Toss Through the Legs; Down From a Sit; Down From a Stand; Down From a Cookie Toss; Down From a Tuggie Game; Yummy - Yummy I want My Nummy Recall Step 1; Follow the Leader; More on Biting

Enter Lesson 4

Lesson 4 Topics – More Control and Recalls

Review Week 3; Concepts; Socialization & Playtime; Twist and Turn; Stand From A Down; Let's Go.... Quick Sit or Run And Sit; Down-Stay; Double Whammy Tag Team Recall and the Family Circle Recall Game; Yummy Yummy I wantt My Nummy Recall Step 2; More on Biting and Digging

Enter Lesson 5

Lesson 5 Topics – Leash Control and Walking

Review Week 4; Concepts; Side Step and Sneak Away; Leave It; Sit-Stay Step 2; Walkies From a Cookie Toss; Walkies From A Standstill; Play-Wait-Get It... The Restrained Retrieve; Let's Go... Walking On A Leash; Notes About Training

Enter Lesson 6

Week 6 Topics – Recalls (Come!!)

Review Week 5; Walkies Step 2; Cookie Toss With Sit In Front; Doggie Pile Surprise Recall; Find Me Motivated Recall Game and The Find It Game; Motivated Retrieve and Recall Game - 2 Or More of the Same Motivator; Sit-Wait - Recall Step 1

Enter Lesson 7

Lesson 7 Topics – Catching and Retrieving

Review Week 6; Playtime; Walkies - Step 3.. Add the Optional Twist; Sit-Wait - Recall Step 2; I'm Gonna Get It First Game; Motivated Recall Game - Step 2; Aluminum Balls.... Foiled Again; The Popcorn-Cheese Ball Catch Game; Notes About Practice and Training

Enter Lesson 8

Lesson 8 Topics – More Games and Fun

Review Week 7; Recall and Sit In Front; Walkies and Sit; Beat the Clock; Sit for Exam; Introduction to Agility Equipment; Jump Over, Go Through; Speedball; Tunnels and Hoops; Weave Poles; The Table; The Plank; The Teeter; Discussion About Next Steps In Training